Herniated Disc

Are you thinking about seeing a doctor to find out if you suffering from a herniated disc? Perhaps our Arlington chiropractor at Bowman Chiropractic Center can help. Dr. Robert Wainer has vast experience treating disc pain with chiropractic care. Non-invasive treatment methods may include spinal adjustments and massage therapy. Combining various drug-free therapies optimizes pain relief, increases movement, and promotes natural healing.

What Does Herniated Disc Mean?

When a doctor diagnosed a patient with a herniated disc, it means the disc has ruptured or slipped out of place. This can happen to any of the tough gel-like tissue located between the vertebrae. Each disc acts as a protective cushion that absorbs shocks during movement. Unlike a bulging disc, the gel-like material within the ruptured disc may "slip" out through a tear or crack. This may result in chronic, excruciating, or debilitating neck or low back pain.  

Slipped Disc Common Causes

The process of aging is a top reason why the spinal discs become brittle and prone to damage. The disc sometimes herniates due to a back or neck injury or pressure on the disc from:

  • Being overweight
  • Degenerative disc disease 
  • A sedentary lifestyle like sitting for long periods  
  • Neck or back strain from heavy lifting or repetitive motion
  • Other spine-related conditions like misalignment, spinal stenosis, or facet syndrome

Common Ruptured Disc Symptoms 

You may feel pain in the back or neck, which may radiate to the shoulder blades, arm, hand, buttock, or leg. Symptoms typically travel to the upper or lower extremities when the slipped disc material presses on a nearby nerve. Stiffness or numbness, tingling, or weakness is also common in cases where the nerve is affected.

Chiropractic Treatment for Herniated Disc in Arlington, VA

Doctor Wainer will assess your symptoms, lifestyle habits, and results of a physical exam. Sometimes an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI is needed to determine if there is a ruptured disc. If so, several sessions of spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapies may provide last relief.

Our chiropractor may use his hands or an instrument-based technique to adjust the spine. Realigning the spinal joints in the neck or low back is an effective way to relieve slipped disc symptoms, reduce inflammation, and increase mobility. These results are expected since re-positioning the spine takes the pressure off of the disc and allows it to heal. Adjustments also stop nerve interference.

Your personalized treatment plan can include massage therapy, laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and corrective exercises. They all work together to heal and strengthen the neck or back.

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Slipped disc symptoms can become worse and increase the risk of surgery. You can prevent this with timely chiropractic care at Bowman Chiropractic Center. Call our Arlington, VA, office at 703-528-2726 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.

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