Spine Care

If you’re looking for a spine specialist in Arlington, VA, come see Dr. Robert Wainer at Bowman Chiropractic. He has helped countless patients address a variety of spine-related issues, including degenerative diseases and injuries. Our focus is on the whole person, and we seek to ensure that every patient can maximize their well-being and health. This often means crafting custom treatment plans for every patient.

Why Chiropractors Focus on the Spine

You may sometimes hear chiropractors referred to as “back doctors” or spine specialists. Chiropractic care focuses largely on the spine, and early on, many chiropractors pretty much only worked with the spine. These days, many chiropractors have diversified their techniques and can treat issues outside the spine.  However, the back still remains a focus because it is crucial to the overall health and well-being of the body.

The spine is basically the foundation for your whole body. It provides support for your limbs, neck, and head. Further, the spine is the central pathway of your nervous system, allowing your many nerves to communicate with the brain and vice versa. The spine also makes it possible to move. Any issues with the spine can result in strain on muscles in your neck, back, limbs, and more. These problems can also impact mobility.

For example, if the sciatic nerve in your lower back comes under pressure owing to poor alignment of the spine, this could result in sciatica, a condition characterized by numbness or pain in one or sometimes both legs. Likewise, strain on muscles in your neck could put pressure on the muscles in your head, thus resulting in tension headaches.

The good news is that by working with a spine specialist in Arlington, VA, you may be able to resolve your headaches, leg pain, and various other issues. Dr. Wainer at the Bowman Chiropractic Center is ready to help, so schedule an appointment right away.

Different Ways to Address Issues with the Spine

A chiropractor may use chiropractic adjustments, otherwise known as spinal manipulation, to ensure the spine is aligned properly. This treatment involves the use of gentle forces on the spine and individual vertebrae. This treatment is often combined with soft tissue massage, which is used to reduce tension in the muscles in your back, neck, and elsewhere.

Cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and various other techniques could also help. When you work with a spine specialist in Arlington, VA, you can develop a custom treatment plan based on your needs and preferences. In the long run, this can help maximize pain relief. Get in touch with Dr. Wainer at the Bowman Chiropractic Center by calling 703 528 2726.

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