Neck Pain

Neck Pain and Treatment At Bowman Chiropractic Center

Back and neck pain are two conditions that many people find annoying and a hindrance to the conducting of their daily activities. Seeing our chiropractor at Bowman Chiropractic Center in Arlington is an option that could help with treatment. Here is some information about neck pain and how chiropractic care can help in alleviating it.

Why People Suffer From Neck Pain

Several instances can cause someone to have neck pain. Many people find that they suffer from this condition after they are involved in an auto accident, sporting incident, another personal injury. Sleeping with the neck in an awkward position can stretch the neck so that it hurts upon awakening. Looking at a cell phone too frequently will pull on the back of the neck, often leading to pain. Repetitive movements of the head can also lead to neck pain.

How To Avoid Neck Pain From Happening

At home or work, take a few steps to try to stop neck pain from occurring altogether. Use furniture made for ergonomic usage rather than flimsy seating without a heat rest or lumbar support area. Make sure to take frequent breaks when conducting any activity of the head, as this will give neck muscles a break for a bit. Do not sleep upon a pile of pillows as this could cause your neck to be stretched awkwardly. To avoid text neck, take breaks from cell phone usage after a few minutes of browsing time. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Alleviate Discomfort

Neck pain requires treatment from a professional if it does not subside after a few days. Many people have discovered that chiropractic care works well at minimizing discomfort without using invasive procedures to get results. Our chiropractor does not prescribe medication as well. 

When you first visit our office, our chiropractor will ask you questions about the intensity of pain in your neck and how frequently you experience discomfort. You may be asked to do a few simple tests where you move your neck to check on symptoms you feel. 

Spinal adjustments are often used as a method of pain relief when the neck is sore. Our chiropractor will gently move areas along your spine and at the base of your neck to stop discomfort right away. Many find that these procedures are relaxing and help with pain relief in other areas of the body as well. We also provide temperature therapeutic relief as well as massage to help minimize pain.

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